TSIC – Nizamabad District

TSIC – Nizamabad District

The Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) was set up in 2017 under the State Innovation Policy with a three-fold mandate.

  1. To promote the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the state.
  2. To promote Innovation in Government departments and organizations.
  3. To build a culture of Innovation from the school stage.

The Innovation Cell is headed by the Chief Innovation Officer. The team includes the CIO along with 6 fellows who work towards nurturing young talent, foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the State.
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District Communication Portal:

The District Communications Portal is a government of Telangana initiative to streamline communications between the Telangana State Innovation Cell and the District Administrations. A one-of-its-kind platform, the portal will serve as the tech backbone to assist all TSIC projects structured around the District Innovation Ecosystem. The Telangana state Innovation cell has been fairly proactive in engaging District divisions within the mandate to decentralize a culture of innovation within the government. In the last two years, the innovation cell has implemented a significant proportion of its work portfolio across the 33 districts of Telangana making it one of the only states to do so!
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Contact Details:

Name:Karthik Kumar Chenna

Mobile Number:7337340820

E- Mail

Adress:eDistrict Manager,ITE & C Department,Nizamabad.