District Cooperation

Description about the Department:

The Head of the Department is Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar of Cooperative Societies of State Level and the Commissionerate is located at 3rd Floor, Gruhakalpa Building, Nampally, Hyderabad. And the District Level administrator is Joint Registrar/Dist. Coop. Officer is functioning under the Administration control of District Collector, Nizamabad. There are (9) clusters consisting two to five Mandals, the Assistant Registrars is the in-charge of the clusters concerned and Senior Inspectors & Junior Inspectors will assist the cluster-in-charge. In the re-organization of Districts the setup of Coop. Department was changed and all (3) Divisional Cooperative Offices and Dist.Coop.Audit Office merged in Dist. Coop. Office.

Department Activities:

The main functions of the department are to register the societies under Telangana State Coop. Societies Act 1964 and MACS Act 1995, and to ensure their functioning on sound lines, on the other hand the functioning of the department is regulatory and supervisory. The departmental officers will conduct Audit U/s 50, Statutory Inquiries U/s 51, Inspections U/s 52, Arbitrations and execute EPs as per the provisions of TCS Act 1964.
The Deputy Registrar/Audit Officer is responsible for getting the audit conducted of all the existing under the control of Cooperation Department and also the audit of societies under the administrative control of Functional Registrars for every financial year ending with March. The Deputy Registrar / Audit Officer will issue audit certificates of Coop. Societies.

Department schemes, their details and related applications:

  1. All (87) PACS and IDCMS are undertaking fertilizer business and supply various varieties to farmers    /members.
  2. The PACS are undertaking distribution of subsidized seed to farmers / members.
  3. The Dist. Administration has entrusted the PACS procurement of Paddy, Maize and Red Jowar etc.,   in order to provide MSP to the farmers.

Latest Progress Report:

  1. No. of Societies programmed for audit for the year 2016-17 – 764
    • No. of Societies audit completed – 632
    • Audit of No.of Societies pending – 132
  2. No. of PACS procured paddy for(Kharif-17) – 82
    • Quantity in Qtls – 1405464 Qtls
    • Amount – 223.44 Crore

Latest events:

The main object of the department is to serve the farmers / members of the societies by providing ST, LT, MT loans and supply of fertilizer, seed and procurement of paddy and Maize through PACS and to save the farmers from the clutches of money lenders. The credit structure of the district is potential and the cooperative movement in the Dist. is strengthened and poised.

Official Names and Contacts
Sl .No Officer Name Designation Mobile Number
1 Sri.K.Simhachalam Deputy Registrar/Audit Officer/Dist. Coop. Officer (FAC) 9100115747
2 Sri.D.Megh Raj Assistant Registrar/Establishment/PIO O/o J.R/Dist.Coop.Officer 9951213484
3 Sri.S.Shiva Kumar Assistant Registrar / Statutory  9866639414
4 Sri.B.Poshanna Assistant Registrar/Audit  9440384090
5 Smt.T.Jayanthi Kumar Assistant Registrar / Credit 9885568689
6 Smt.I.Suhasini Assistant Registrar / Non-Credit 7386452347
7 Smt.S.Swapna Senior Inspector/ APIO O/o J.R/Dist. Coop. Officer 08462221005