Dist. Scheduled Castes Service Coop. Development Society Ltd., Nizamabad

The Dist. Scheduled Castes Service Co-operative Development Society Ltd., Nizamabad was established in 1974 with Registration No.TJ 580 under the Chairmanship of Dist.Collector/Chairman. The objective of the society is to extend economic assistance to the SC people and bring them above the poverty line through various schemes.

As per Census 2011 Nizamabad district is having 2,17,396 SC population out of which 1,04,466 Male and 1,12,930 Female. The following Schemes were taken up to provide Financial Assistance for creation of income generating assets to the poor Scheduled Castes households for their social and economic development.

  • Land Purchase Scheme:-

    Under this Scheme, only landless agricultural women labourers of SC households (Vyvasaya Aadharitha Kutumbalu) who do not own or posses any land and age 18 to 60 years are eligible. The scheme shall be implemented with 100% subsidy and without any contribution from the beneficiaries and also without bank linkage. The selection of beneficiaries will be done at Mandal Level by the Tahsildar concerned. A total No.of (168) SC women beneficiaries were allotted Agriculture Land of 399.26 acres from 2014-15 to 2017-18. During 2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21 no lands were purchased under this scheme.

  • Providing of Minor Irrigation to LPS lands:-

    Under LPS scheme (79) borewell points were identified out of which (69) borewells were drilled. (10) borewells failed (47) borewells energisation was provided to (38) borewells and for (9) borewells energisation is under process. Submersible Pumpsets are also being provided to the borewells where energisation is completed.

  • Economic Supports Scheme (Bank Linked Scheme):-

    Under this scheme the applicant must be a SC candidate, age 21 to 50 years and income Rs1,50,000/- per annum in Rural areas and Rs.2,00,000/- per annum in Urban areas. The subsidy will be sanctioned 80% for unit cost upto Rs.1.00 lakh, 70% for unit cost upto Rs.2.00 lakh and 60% limited to Rs.5.00 lakhs for unit cost from 2.01 lakh upto Rs.10.00 lakhs remaining as a bank loan. The selection of beneficiaries will be done by Grama Sabha (MPDO level)/Municipal Ward Sabha (Municipal level). Target & Achievement for the year 2018-19 is as follows.

(Rs. In lakhs)
Sl No Sector Fin. Target Selected Sanction Subsidy Released
Phy. Fin. Phy. Fin. Phy. Fin.
1 ESS Petty Units 301.50 445 222.50 445 222.50 399 199.50
2 Un Skilled 386.19 196 237.44 128 160.48 127 159.08
3 Skilled 386.19 102 171.80 74 117.40 72 115.20
4 Vegetable Pandals 0.00 22 45.40 22 45.40 22 45.40
5 District Initiatives 56.00 1 1.00 1 1.00 0 0.00
Total 1129.88 766 678.14 670 546.78 620 519.18
  • Training in Tailoring Course has been given to the (28) un employed SC Women at Bheemgal and (33) un employed SC Women at Govt ITI, Nizambad through National Academay of Construciton (NAC), Nizamabad. During 2021-22 Training in Tailoring to the (85) un employed SC women is under progress at Nizamabad, Bodhan and Bheemgal.
Important Contacts of the Department
Sl No Name of the Officer Designation Official Contact No. Email Id
1 D.Ramesh Executive Director 9849493958
2 Javeed Ahmed Asst. Executive Officer 7660000086