District Scheduled Castes Development

Description about the Department:

The main objectives of the Scheduled Caste Development Department are Educational advancement, Socio-Economic development, welfare and protection of Scheduled Castes and implementation of Schemes for Social Security of SC’s such as Kalyana Laxmi, Free Power to households up to 50 Units, etc.,
The Dist. Population is 15.77 lakhs of which S.Cs are 2.17 lakhs which constitutes around 13.78% of the District population. The S.C. Development Department is implementing the following schemes for the upliftment of the S.C people in the District.
Total Population  : 15.77 Lakhs
Male                       : 7.71 lakhs
Female                  : 8.05 Lakhs
SC Population     : 2.17 Lakhs
SC Male                : 1.04 Lakhs
SC Female            : 1.12 Lakhs
SC Population % : 13.78 %

Department Activities:

This Department is responsible for implementation of Educational Schemes through maintenance of households, Pre- Matric & Post Matric Scholarships, Kalyana Laxmi Abroad Studies, implementation of protection of Civil Rights Act.,1955 and prevention of Atrocities Act., 1989, Reservation Policy etc., including monitoring of developmental Schemes implemented by other departments for SCs under SCSP/ SCSDF.

  1. Maintenance of Govt.SC. Hostels :

    In Nizamabad District (32) SC Hostels (25) Boys and (07) Girls Hostels are functioning in Government buildings with (2554) admitted strength. Every year the following materials were supplied to the boarders of Pre-Matric Hostels.

    • (4) pairs of Uniforms.
    • N.T. Books & Note Books.
    • Plates , Glasses & Katora.
    • Bed sheet, Carpet. etc.,
  2. POST MATRIC SC College Hostels :

    (10) College Hostels (6 for Girls and 4 for Boys) are functioning in the District. To cater needs of students studying from Intermediate to P.G. Level. In these hostels ( 1694) students are accommodated.

    • Pre Matric Scholarships(New Scheme):

      Pre-Matric Scholarship for students belonging to SC Studying Class V to VIII in Govt. Schools /Aided Schools to curb the high drop out rate among SC Children. The Income of Parent/ Guardions should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakhs per annum. The Scholarship will be payable for 10 Months in an academic year @ Rs. 100/- P.M. for Boys & Rs. 150/- P.M. for Girls, The Students under this scheme shall apply through Online.

    • Pre Matric Scholarship (Rajiv Vidya Deewena) :

      As per G.O. Ms. No. 47 SW (Edn.2) Dept., Dated : 31-12-2012. Govt. have introduced the “Rajiv Vidya Deewena” Scheme under which Pre-Matric Scholarship for Class IX & X to all eligible SC Students pursuing studies in Govt. Scholars/ Aided Schools are granted. The Income of the Parent/ Guardians should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakhs per annum. The Scholarship will be payable for 10 Months in an Academic Year @ Rs. 150/- Per month and Book Money Rs. 750/- per Annum. The Students under this scheme shall apply through Online.

  4. Post Matric Scholar Ships :

    Post Matric Scholarships are being sanctioned to the SC Students at all levels of Education after X Class. These Scholarships amount include maintenance charges of the student (MTF) and all Non- refundable fees payable to the institutions (RTF) concerned as per the various rates prescribed by the Govt. from time to time.


    The Govt. have introduced the Scheme of Financial Assistance to SC Graduate students for persuing PG and Higher studies abroad with a view to enable the benefit of higher education in foreign Universities to meritorious SC Students there by providing them an opportunity for better career prospects. Rs. 20.00 lakhs financial assistance is being sanctioning. The income ceiling is Rs. 5.00 lakhs. The eligible students can persue their studies in (10) countries.

  6. Best Available School Scheme (BASS):
  7. The Objective of the Scheme is to provide quality Education to SC Students by enabling them to join in reputed Best Available Schools from Classes I and X.
    The Government extended the Best Avaialble Scheme for Day Scholars for all eligible SC Students from the Academic Year 2014-15 for sanction of Scholarships under the New Scheme Best Available Schools ( Non – Residential Scheme).

    • Under this Scheme an amount of Rs. 30,000/- Per Annum is to be sanctioned to each student under Residential

    • Rs. 17000/- Per Annum to Urban area schools and Rs. 15,000/- per Annum to rural area schools is to be sanctioned to each student under Non- Residential (Day Scholars).

  8. Inter Caste Marriage:

    Under this scheme an amount of Rs.50,000/- has been sanctioning to the inter caste married couples, one of the spouse must be SC community.

  9. Admission of Students into Corporate Colleges:

    The Meritorious students who got highest marks in SSC Public Examination were admitted into corporate colleges.Under this scheme an amount of Rs. 35,000/- towards Scholarship and Rs. 3,000/- towards maintenance charges has to be sanctioned to each student.


    During the year 2016-17 Government have sanctioned study circle to this district. During the 1st batch (71) students were selected for coaching for Group-I, II, Banking, Railway etc., and in IInd batch (79) students were taken coaching for recruitment of Teachers in GURUKULAMS.
    IIIrd Batch six months foundation coaching classes were started to various competitive exams from 03.10.2017 for (52) students were selected and coaching classes are being conducting to the students regularly.

  11. Community Halls :

    The Community Halls / Ambedkar Bhavans will be sanctioned by the Govt. to each Village, Mandal , Municipalities/ Revenue Divisions/ District Head Quarters for use of SC’s in order to facilitate them to perform Marriages and to ongoing their meetings and Social gathering.

  12. Payment of Electricity bills of SC House holds Consuming 0-50 Units per month:

    The Government has noticed that many SC Families living in housing colonies consuming less than 50 Units of power per month are not in a position to pay their earlier dues.As per G.O. Ms. No. 58 SW (SCP-I) Dept., Date : 2-7-2013 Govt. have issued orders for payment of Electricity monthly bills and arrears of SC house holds in housing Colonies.

  13. Book Banks:

    Under this Scheme Books are provided to professional course like

    • Post Graduate courses in Medical, Engineering , Agriculture and Veterinary
    • Law Courses
    • Chartered Accountancy
    • MBA
    • Bio Sciences and Similar courses.

    The cost ceiling per set is Rs. 7500/- for Degree courses in Medical / Engineering Rs. 5000/- for Degree courses in veterinary Rs. 4500/- for Degree courses in Agriculture and Rs. 5000/- for professional course at PG Level.

  14. Financial Assistance to SC Advocates:

    Financial Aid to be provided to SC Law graduates who selected under this scheme for undergoing training and seeking employment else-when after the training. The duration of the training period is 3 years. The selected candidates have attached to the Law officers within the district like Govt. pleader, Public Prosecutors, Asst. Public Prosecutors of District courts. At present (3) Advocates are undergoing training in this district. The selected candidates are paid stipend @Rs. 1000/- P.M. for three years, reimbursement of enrolment fee @ Rs. 585/- each and Rs. 6,000/- towards Law books one time.

  15. SC Special Development Fund :

    The Scheduled caste and Tribal special development funds are designed for channelizing the flow of outlays and benefits for the development of SC’s &ST’s in proportion to their population with an objective to bridge the gaps in development indication between the general population and SC’s & ST’s. The SCDD Department is nominated as Nodal Department to coordinate and monitor the implementation of various schemes by the Govt. for the integrated development of the SC’s.

  16. Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam :

    The Government of Telangana has introduced the scheme of Kalyana Lakshmi pathakam to all SC Girls on their marriage with a view to alleviate financial distress in the family. Under the scheme an amount of Rs. 75,116/- being same sanctioned at present and now the said amount has been enhanced up to Rs. 1,00,116/- w.e.f. 1.4.2018 onwards.