Assistant Director of Mines and Geology

About department and Activities of Department:

The Asst. Director of Mines and Geology, Nizamabad has been established vide G.O.Ms.No.139, Industries and Commerce Department, dated 01-04-1992. This office has functioning the Mineral regulation work such as the enforcement of rules and regulations connected with Mineral Concession, Collection of Mineral Revenue, Processing of Applications for both Major and Minor Minerals, periodical inspection of Mines and Quarries in the District, implementation of the permit system and preparation of Mineral Revenue Assessments year-wise, etc.

Important Contacts of the department
Sl .No Officer Name Designation Mobile Number Email ID
1 B. Satyanarayana Assistant Director of Mines and Geology 9440817741
2 K. Anjaneyulu Royalty Inspector 7901627121
3 K. Govardhan Superintendent 8309680033