Fisheries Department

Main aim at enrolling the members in the society by the Fisheries Department.

Membership is given by the Department of Fisheries to men and women fishermen over 18 years of age with the objective of increasing the production of fish and increasing the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) through the Department of Fisheries. As part of this, there are 21052 members in 315 primary fisheries co-operative societies in Nizamabad district, out of which 18579 members in 249 fishermen co-operative societies 65 fisher women cooperative societies and having 2473 members.


Fishermen enrolled in the Fishermen Cooperative Societies and their particulars are as shown below.
Sl No Human Resources
Fishermen Co-operative Societies No Families Share capital
1 Primary FCS 249 18429 1013595
2 Women FCS 65 2473 136015
3 Marketing society 1 150 8250
Total 315 21052 1157860
Total Fishermen Community population as per Samgrakutumba Survey Report.
Sl No Total Fishermen Traditional Families ( as per SKS) Population
1 Gangaputhra 6,313
2 Goondla 30,213
3 Mudiraj 59,581
4 Muthrasi 764
5 Boya 4,458
6 Bestha 5,223
7 Thenugollu 19,721
Total 126,273

Programs organized by the Department of Fisheries
Fish Seed Production at Pochampad:

The Fish Production Center was established at Pochampad with the objective of producing quality fish fry by taking local mother fish every year.

Part of this is to produce fish fry every year from 2014-15 to the present and provide them to fishermen for free.
Sl No Year Total Fish Seed Seed Qty in Lakhs
1 2014-15 40.00
2 2015-16 42.00
3 2016-17 40.00
4 2017-18 17.69
5 2018-19 26.84
6 2019-20 75 Ranked 1st in the state
7 2020-21 65.57 Ranked 1st in the state

Lease of the Tanks:

  • There are 343 tanks (above 100 acres ayacut ) in Nizamabad district under the control of Fisheries. The tanks are leased out to the concerned Fisheries Co-operative Societies and fishing permits are issued to the tanks and an amount Rs. 16.41 lakhs are leased to the Government Treasury every year.
  • G.O.Rt.No. 102, with an increase of 10 per cent as on 06-10-2020, which is applicable for five years i.e. (2019-20 to 2023-24).
  • G.O.Rt No.. 268, dated 23-07-2021 Lease also applies to strategic minor irrigation ponds of less than 100 acres. It has been shifted to the Fisheries Department.


  • Fisheries licenses will be issued by the Fisheries Department for the purpose of economic growth of fishermen in the river basin in the Sriramsagar project.

Establishment of new women / fisheries co-operative societies:

  • Fishermen above 18 years of age in the new women / fisheries co-operative societies who have not registered their names in the society, will benefit greatly from the schemes provided by the government and will be able to grow financially.

Conducting elections of women / fisheries co-operative societies:

  • Elections for women / fisheries co-operative societies in the district are held every five years. The new governing body is elected by the members of that society as part of the conduct of the election. The lava deities of the Sangam and the 9-member governing body are appointed by the members of the society and the state election officer to manage the activities of the Sangam.

Construction of community halls:

  • The Government will construct Sanga buildings for Fisheries Co-operative Societies with over 50 members to hold community meetings in various Fisheries Co-operative Societies.

Fish Market Construction:

  • The government has set up a fish market for the members of the Fisheries Co-operative Societies to continue their fish business. This allows fishermen to sell the fish they catch in the ponds in a healthy environment and provide cleaner fish to consumers.

Schemes implemented by the Department of Fisheries:

  • Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme
  • Fisheries Development Scheme
  • arkevivai (70% subsidy)
  • Group Accident Insurance Scheme 4.00 lakhs by State and 2.00 lakhs by Center.
  • The blue revolution is 40 percent by the state and 60 percent by the center
  • Prime Minister’s Fisheries Scheme 40 per cent by the State and 60 per cent by the Center
  • PM Kisan Credit Card.
  • Mobile Fishing Vehicles (Beneficiary Share 40%, Subsidy 60%)

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme:

  • Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme has been implemented by the Fisheries Department as part of the welfare schemes undertaken by the Government of Telangana. As a result, the scheme was implemented with the aim of helping the fishermen to grow financially.

Fish fry release program:

  • The government also distributes quality fish free of cost to fishermen at 100 per cent subsidy to help fishermen grow economically.
Sl No Year Qty of Fish Seed supplied(inLakhs) Expenditure Occurred ( In Lakhs)
1 2016-17 265.54 239.16
2 217-18 267.11 251.72
3 2018-19 418.83 399.10
4 2019-20 444.06 369.80
5 2020-21 424.90 327.67

Shrimp release program:

The government will provide quality prawn fry free of cost to the fishermen at 100% subsidy and will help the fishermen to grow financially.

Sl No Year Qty of Prawn Seed Supplied ( In Lakhs) Expenditure Occurred ( In Lakhs)
1 2018-19 62.61 122.73
2 2019-20 33.63 62.89
3 2020-21 51.22 106.53

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme 2017
Distribution of various tools:

  • As part of the Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme, various equipments were distributed to eligible fishermen with 75% subsidy. As part of this, fishermen in Nizamabad district were given the opportunity to apply for 31 schemes by 2018-19. For various schemes
  1. Two Wheelers (2945)
  2. Luggage Autos (148)
  3. Mobile Fish Outlet (34)
  4. Hygienic Vehicles (3)
  5. Nets (895)
  6. Crates (251)
  7. Tug nets (2) Beneficiaries were benefited.

Fisheries Development Scheme (Community Canal Construction):

  • Community buildings will be constructed by the government for various communities with 90% subsidy for fishermen.

Community Halls (fish market building):

  • A community fish market will be set up by the government for various communities with 70% subsidy for fishermen

Group Accident Insurance Scheme:

  • The scheme was introduced by the Central and State Governments with the good intention of providing financial assistance to the families of fishermen if they die in an accident. Fish. Rs 2.00 lakh insurance money will be paid through Co-paid New Delhi and Rs 4.00 lakh ex gratia will be paid by the state government.

Kishan Credit Card:

  •  Fishermen and those interested in fish farming will be provided loans by the Central Government through the Prime Minister’s Kishan Credit Card Scheme for the purchase of fish and nets in the fisheries industry.

Prime Minister’s Fisheries Scheme:

  • The main objective of the Central and State Governments is to ensure that fishermen use the latest technology to increase fish production and grow economically.
Sl No Component Name Unit Cost in Lakhs Beneficiary Contribution ( InLakhs)
General /OBC (60%) S.C./ST/Women(40% )
1 Fish seed Hatcheries 25.00 15.00 10.00
2 Construction of fish ponds 7.00 4.20 2.80
3 Recirculatory Aquaculture system 25.00 15.00 10.00
4 Installation of cages in reservoirs 3.00 1.80 1.20
5 Supply of Insulated vehicles 20.00 12.00 8.00
6 Supply of three wheeler autos (*) 3.00 1.80 1.20
7 Establishment of mini feed mills 30.00 18.00 12.00
8 Fish retail outlets-kiosks 10.00 6.00 4.00
9 Livelihood support to fishermen -Relief-cum- savings scheme 0.45 0.27 0.18

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme:

  • 100% subsidy provided by the Revolving Fund to Government Fisheries Co-operative Societies with the objective of empowering women fishermen financially.

Mobile Fish Retail Outlets (MFROs):

  • Mobile Fishing Vehicles (Mobile Fish Retail Outlet) 2020-21. The scheme was designed with the financial assistance of the National Fisheries Development Corporation (NFDB) Hyderabad to provide employment to unemployed women and to provide hygienic fish to consumers through the Department of Fisheries. For this, the government has released Rs 18.00 lakh with 60% subsidy.
Details of Fisheries Officers
Sl No Name of the Officer Designation Contact No. Email Id
1 Sri D.Anjaneyaswamy District Fisheries Officer 9949968466
2 Sri Layak Mohinuddin Fisheries Development Officer Nizamabad. 9701661657

Progress Reports 2020-21:

Leases & Licenses:

  • There are 343 ponds in Nizamabad district owned by the Fisheries Department and their area is 14742.59 hectares. Out of 343 departmental ponds 324 tanks are leased out to the societies and collected an amount of Rs. 15.48 Lakhs and deposited in government exchequer.
  • Out of targeted 1600 licenses, 1666 licenses have been issued to fishermen of Sriramsagar project and river basins in Nizamabad district and an amount of Rs. 4.88 Lakhs deposited in government exchequer. This district stands first with 104 % in the state.

Fish Seed Production Center at Pochampad:

  • For the year 2021-22 out of the given target 10.00 crore small fish (spawn), and also 2.50 crore 34-40 mm size advanced fry, sofar 4.22 crores are spawn was produced an is under rearing.

Fish Seed Releasing Programme with 100% subsidy:

  • For the year 2020-21 in Nizamabad district (879 ponds +1 reservoir = 880) 4.24 crore fish seed was released in ponds and incurred an amount of Rs 3.27 crore.

Supply of Juvanile Prawn with 100% subsidy:

  • 51.22 lakh prawn seed has been released in the reservoir and various tanks, for which an amount of Rs.106.53 lakhs were spent for the year 2020-21.

Group Accident Insurance Scheme:

  • The state government has given Rs 16.00 lakhs to 08 people who are legal heirs to the decease d person at a rate of Rs 2.00 lakh per individual.

PM Kishan Credit Card (PMKCC):

  • Out of 5000 target 4710 fishermen have applied for financial assistance under Kishan Credit Cards. have applied for Kishan credit cards in the district. 1316 fish farmers obtained loan and bankers were deposited an amount of Rs. 3.29 crore in their accounts. For remaining beneficiaries, the activity is under process. The district stands first in the state on issuing KCC.

Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme:

  • For the year 2020-21 @ Rs. 3.00 Lakhs for each society, the total amount of Rs. 12.00 lakhs were sanctioned to the 4 fisherwomen cooperative societies under revolving fund.

Mobile Fish Vending Vehicles 2020-21:

  • Mobile Fish Marketing Vehicles (Mobile Retail Fish Outlet) with the financial assistance of the National Fisheries Development Corporation, Hyderabad (60 per cent) and the Department of Fisheries (40 per cent) for the year 2020-21. Was done. As part of this, fishing vehicles have been sanctioned to 03 beneficiaries in the district. For this, the government has released Rs. 18.00 lakhs with 60 per cent subsidy.

Pradhanmanthri Matsa Sampadha Yojana (PMMSY):

  • 34 applications were received under PMMSY for the year 2020-21. At the first instance 15 new ponds and 1 R.A. permissions were issued to 16 eligible beneficiaries. The same proposals have been sent to the Hon’ble Commissioner of Fisheries, Telangana, Hyderabad.

Community Halls:

  • An amount of Rs. 18.00 Lakhs were sanction for the year 2018-19 to Fisheries Co-operative Society Dharmora (Mortad Mandal) and Venkatapur (Velpur Mandal) for the construction of Community Halls .

Fish Market:

  • An amount of Rs. 20.00 Lakhs were sanctioned to Two Fisheries Co-operative Societies one is Balkonda (Balkonda Mandal) Fish Market which is under construction and another one is at Pochampad (Mendora Mandal) have been sanctioned Rs. 20.00 lakhs by the Government for construction of Fish Markets.