Agricultural Marketing

Department Activities:

To organize the procurement activities of all kinds of Agricultural Produce in the Market Yards and at procurement centers and to see that the farmers get the profitable price to their Agricultural Produce through the media of Traders and Government Procurement Centers viz., MARKFED, Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies, MEPMA, etc. For this purpose the required Minimum Support pieces of equipment will be arranged during the marketing season, at the end of the season, the equipments will be got back and preserved in the concerned Agricultural Market Committees.
The Government of India have introduced the e-NAM system for the benefit of the farmers and under this system, the Agricultural Produce brought to the procurement center is disposed through an online transaction between the farmer and the traders with the mediation of the Agricultural Marketing Department to afford good remunerate price and timely payment to the farmer.

Description about the Department Schemes, their details and related applications:

  1. Godowns:

    The NABARD Godowns are completed under the Agril. Mktg. Dept. with loan Assistance from WIF under Nabards Scheme. The old Godowns and Nabard Godowns are utilized by the farmers for storage of their agricultural produce till they get a good price for their farm produce and also the Government Procurement Centers will also store the produce purchased from the farmers.

  2. Rythu Bandhu Pathakam:

    This Scheme has been introduced for the farmers to get short-term loans by pledging their farm produce in the Agricultural Market Committee Godowns and Government/ Society godowns @ 75 % of total value up to Rs. 2,00,000/- maximum per head, in case of downfall of the prices into markets. There will be no interest up to 180 days from the date of taking the loan. Thereafter prescribed interest and other incidental charges like godown rent and insurance coverage are collected for a period not beyond 270 days. In case the stocks are not lifted, the Agricultural Market Committee is competent to put auction for recovery of loan and other charges as per the Rules. The rate of simple interest is @ 12%.

  3. Animal Health Scheme:

    Under this scheme Animal Health Camps are organized with the assistance of the Veterinary Department.

  4. Rythu Bhima Scheme:

    Under this scheme the farmers who meet with accident during the period of transit from the field to the market yard along with the farm produce, is paid Rs. 25,000/- in case of partial health damage and Rs. 75,000/- incase of sever health damage and Rs.1,00,000/- incase of death as insurance coverage and the expenditure under the scheme is met from of Agril. Market Committee available saving funds and such benefit is applicable to the farmers who have Takpatti for last (3) years of Agril. Market Committee.

Official names and contacts
Sl.No. Name of the Office Name of the Officer Designation Official Contract No. e-mail id
1 District Marketing Officer S.Gangu District Marketing Officer 7330733145
2 AMC, Nizamabad E.Venkatesham Selection Grade Secretary (FAC) 7330733218
3 AMC, Bodhan K.Puriya Special Grade Secretary 7330733239
4 AMC, Armoor G.Barathi Secretary Grade- I 7330733245
5 AMC, Varni J. Srinivas Secretary Grade-II 8247002684
6 AMC, Kammarpally R.Raju Secretary Grade-II (FAC) 7330733251
7 AMC, Kotagiri M.Rajkumar Asst. Secretary 7330733248
8 AMC, Velpoor P.Pual Asst. Secretary 9398215950