Dairy Development

Dairy Development activities through TSDDCF

Nizamabad Dairy was established at Sarangapur,Nizamabad during 1970.The total milk production of the district is 2.55 LLPD, where as 1.23 LLPD goes for local consumption and there is marketable surplus of 1.32 LLPD; certain private dairies and product manufacturers are procuring up to 1.07 LLPD ; the TSDDCF is procuring around 0.25 LLPD. On reorganization of the State, the dairy activities are being taken up under Nizamabad-Adilabad Milk Shed.

So far, there are 15 registered Milk Producers Cooperative Societies and registration under 1964 TSCS Act is in progress for remaining 126 milk collection centers. At present, milk purchase price is being paid basing an the quality of milk from Rs.27/- lit to 56/- lit include Cow and Buffallow milk in addition to this Rs.4/-per lit is being paid by the Govt.of Telangana

Following Bulk Milk Cooling Units are functioning in Nizamabad Dist.

Bulk Milk Cooling Units
Sl.No Name of the BMCU Scheme Capacity Present Procurement
1 BMCU-Bodhan CM’s package 5000 ltrs 1200 LPD
2 BMCU-Aloor RKVY  package 3000 ltrs 800 LPD
3 BMCU-Varni RKVY  package 5000 ltrs 5500 LPD
4 BMCU-Navipet RKVY  package 3000 ltrs 1000 LPD
5 BMCU –Dharpalli RKVY  package 5000 ltrs 1400 LPD
6 BMCU – Kotagiri CM’s package 5000 ltrs. 1100 LPD

The milk sales are to the tune of 13000 LPD.

Cash Incentive of Telangana Government to Vijaya milk producers:

The Govt., of Telangana State, is giving cash incentive of Rs:4/- per ltr to its Milk Producers w.e.f., November,2014. So far, Rs. 14.5 Crores has been passed on to 3902 milk producers on DBT mode in the milk shed.

Vijaya Pasteurized Double Toned Milk Supply To ICDS Projects

In entire Nizamabad District, VIJAYA Double Toned milk is being supplied to 2500 Anganwadi centers covering total 05 ICDS Projects, under Arogya Laxmi program. The total Milk quantity is around 5500.0 liters per day is supplying to Anganwadi centers

Department Activities:

  1. The Ration Balancing Program is in progress in the District, for integrated dairy development.(to achieve milk yield more with balance feed)
  2. Vijaya Milk Parlors have been established at Nizamabad and Bodhan for sale of Vijaya Milk and Milk products. Further, dairy parlors are planned to start at Basar,Armoor.
  3. One New BMCU of 3000 lit. Capacity will be started shortly at TallaRampur,Yergatla mandal, Nizamabad district.
  4. Calf Rearing Program is in progress on pilot basis.

Department Schemes:

  1. IDDP Scheme: Established of New BMCUs and Purchase of Testing Equipments to open new milk collection centers.
  2. CM’s Package: Establishment of new BMCU’s at Mandal level.
  3. NPDD Scheme: Development of Fodder seed and to give awareness about Cleaning milk production at Village level.