The Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha

About the department :

The Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha, Nizamabad was constituted in January 1961 under the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries act 1960 for the purpose of organizing and administering the Public Libraries in the District. After the formation of Telangana state, the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries act 1960 was adapted and amended to the Telangana State.

Activities of Department :

Providing library services to the public of the District with ’24 ’ Branch Libraries and ‘01’ District Central Library. Newspapers and other magazines are being provided to the readers of all Libraries in the District. District Central Library is located at Khaleelwadi, Nizamabad and other Branch Libraries providing competitive exams books also to the student community of the District. Books are being purchased basing on the demand of readers and subject to the availability of Budget. Conducting educational and cultural programs in the District Central Library and in Branch Libraries to impart awareness among different communities of the District.

On-demand books are being purchased every year on the demand of readers and subject to the availability of Budget. The purpose of purchase of on-demand books is to provide Books related to Competitive Exams (TSPSC, SSC, RRB, Banking and etc.) Academic (textbooks Entrance Exams Model papers and Study Material etc.) to the Readers of the Libraries in the district.

Procedure for citizens to avail service:

An amount of Rs.150=00 has to be deposited for availing of the facility of taking books to home. Membership deposit varies with the cost of the books. Book or Books cost which is given to home should not exceed with the Membership amount of the Reader. Readers can exchange books every 15 days period. The membership amount is refundable. If the Reader wishes to withdraw his/her membership then the membership deposit amount will be refunded to the reader after returning of books. Librarian renders the Library service/lending of the books in the Library.

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Important Contacts of the Department:
Sl .No Officer Name Designation Mobile Number E- Mail ID
1 P.Bugga Reddy Secretary, Zilla GrandhalayaSamstha, 8978801509
2 A.Raji Reddy Deputy Librarian 08462-220546