Horticulture has been identified as one of the”focus sectors” for development of the state. Horticulture crops provide better alternative for diversification of Agriculture in view of high returns. The soil and climatic conditions of the Telangana state are mostly favourable for the cultivation of Horticulture crops.

Horticulture sector, commands a large employment potential by way of supporting a series of direct and indirect activities related to area development, nurseries, cultivation and farming, crop maintenance, products, post-harvest management, trading, storage, processing & marketing.

Horticulture crops play a unique role in state economy by improving income of the rural people. A large number of concessions; assistance and incentives are being provided to the growers, processors by the state and central Governments.

Area under Horticulture in Nizamabad District is around 21746.36 Hectares with a production of 199531 MTs.

Area & Production details of Horticulture Crops for the year 2016-17
Sl.No Name of the crop Area (Ha.) Production (MTs)
1 i. Fruits 1504.36 9690
2 ii.Vegetables 4397.50 102231
3 iii. Flowers 4.80 19.20
4 iv.Spices 15839.40 87590.40
Total 21746.36 199531