Single Women Pension Scheme

Date : 04/06/2017 - | Sector: WELFARE

Telangana State Government has issued new guidelines of Single Women Pension Scheme under which every eligible single women would get Rs. 1000 per month as the pension. The scheme would be launched on Telangana State Formation Day on 2nd June. The beneficiary single women should not be enrolled in any other social security pension scheme or should not be a pensioner in any of the public or private pension scheme.

Eligibility for Single Women Pension Scheme As per the new guidelines, the single women beneficiary should not be earning more than Rs. 1.5 Lakh annually in rural areas and Rs. 2.0 Lakh in urban areas.

The single women is referred to married women of at least 18 years of age who is separated from her husband. The separation period should be at least one year.

If the women does not have proof of separation period then the details could be ascertained by a local tahsildar.

Unmarried women whose age is above 30 years in rural areas and 35 years in urban areas are also eligible to avail the benefits of single women pension scheme.

Other women who are eligible for the single women pension scheme are :

  1. Whose husband?s are stuck in gulf countries and now in jails.

  2. Those whose families have abandoned them.
  3. Widows of farmers, handloom workers, bread earners who committed suicide or died in accidents.
    1. Beneficiary:

      Single Women


      Single women would get Rs. 1000 per month as the pension.

      How To Apply

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